Bridge Program Completion Report

The Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) Bridge Program demanded the adoption of an integrated and comprehensive systems-based approach to WASH service delivery with a clear goal aimed at contributing to the achievement of universal coverage. The aim to make progress towards the Sustainable Development WASH goal 6.1 &2 has necessitated a significant change from the conventional water access approach into an emphasis on supporting systems, institutions and processes towards universal coverage and collaborative efforts on various assessments to capture benchmarks, participatory long-term planning process, system strengthening, partnership development, program design, proposal development, MEL framework preparation, accessing sustainable WASH services at community level and performing different supporting activities at regional and national levels.

This bridge program is intended to contribute to Ethiopia’s achievement of universal, safe and sustainable WASH services delivery nationwide by 2030. More specifically, the Bridge Program is intended to achieve three objectives, these include:

  • Replicate and adapt innovations in the water sector: Dispensers for Safe Water and Self-Supply that are aligned with the goals of learning, obtaining evidence about service delivery models and reaching full coverage with safe and sustainable water.
  • Develop a detailed five-year MEL framework and program proposal aligned with the CNHF safe water strategy and applicable to the Ethiopian context.
  • Develop and/or strengthen internal and external partnerships and program support structures to ensure sustainable WASH services.

This program completion report provides a summary of program accomplishments during the bridge period that covered 16 months (December 1, 2017-March 31, 2019).