Climate Action Now (CAN) for Sustainable WASH Services

Transforming Water Services in Ambessame Town

The Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) is excited to announce a groundbreaking initiative: Climate Action Now (CAN) for Sustainable WASH Services in Ambessame Town. This project, generously supported by the Hilton Global Foundation, aims to elevate water service from basic to safely managed levels in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Currently, Ambessame Town’s water supply is intermittent due to reliance on diesel-powered pumps, leading to frequent disruptions and escalating costs. To combat this, MWA is spearheading the transition to solar-powered systems, thereby ensuring a sustainable water supply and significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with water provision.

Aligning with Climate Action

The project directly addresses climate action by replacing diesel pumps with solar technology. This transition will save substantial energy and lower emissions, helping to reduce the environmental impact while also addressing the affordability and reliability of water services for Ambessame’s 16,904 residents.

Community Impact and Goals

Ambessame Town, the vibrant capital of Dera Woreda in the Amhara region, is poised to benefit immensely from this initiative. The project aligns with the town’s long-term WASH plan, developed in collaboration with MWA, aiming for universal and equitable access to safe drinking water. By 2030, the goal is for 30% of the population to have safely managed services, with the remaining 70% receiving basic services.

The project’s specific goals include:

  • Improving access to safely managed water for all 16,984 residents of Ambessame.
  • Enhancing the operational and management capacities of the local water utility.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the water supply system.

Evaluation and Implementation

MWA, in partnership with World Vision and local teams, will ensure rigorous monitoring and evaluation of the project’s impact. Quantitative metrics like emissions reduction, increase in renewable power, and access to water provided will be tracked, alongside qualitative assessments of community benefit and sustainability.

The project is led by a dedicated manager with expertise in hydraulic science, supported by MWA’s regional project coordinator and a team focused on monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

Mitigating Risks and Engaging Community

Potential risks, such as delays in procurement and security concerns, are actively managed with strategic planning and communication. Hilton Team Members will have opportunities to engage with the project, from raising community awareness to conducting research on equity and urban poverty in Ambessame.

The Millennium Water Alliance is committed to ensuring this project not only meets its immediate goals but also lays a foundation for lasting impact in Ambessame Town and beyond.