MWA-KP Brings PUR to Rage and Kutur

April 2012 – Kutur, Kenya

The communities living in Rage and Kutur are nomadic pastoralists, with an estimated population of 150 households. For the past three years, the people have been suffering from outbreaks of waterborne diseases like dysentery and diarrhea due to poor sanitation practices and lack of safe water.

They did not have latrines and practiced open defecation. Most of the wells in the area were unprotected and were often crowded by livestock and human beings. During the rainy season, the area around the water points became swamps, with the animal droppings and fecal waste around the water point washing into to the water points.

Through the MWA-KP, Food for the Hungry has implemented WASH activities that have changed the lives of these communities. FH constructed four single-door latrines for the community, protected three shallow wells in the area, and installed new hand pumps. FH also conducted training on good hygiene and sanitation practices in the community. Household water treatment and safe storage were special areas of concern.

Thanks to this work, incidents of dysentery and diarrhea outbreaks have been reduced. Very importantly, the communities realize that they have the major part to play in ensuring that they remain healthy.

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