[ETHIOPIA FIELD UPDATE] WASH in School for Everyone (WISE) in rural Amhara with support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation: Launching Workshop

Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) organized a one day Launching Workshop on WASH in School for Everyone (WISE) in Rural Amhara Project supported by Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for government representatives from Amhara National Regional State, Bureau of Water and Energy (BoWE), Bureau of Finance (BoF), Bureau of Education (BoE), Bureau of Health (BoH), Bureau of Women, Children and Social Affairs (BoWCSA), South Gonder Zone Dera Woreda, Water and Energy Office, Education Office, Health Office, Finance Office, Administration and Planning Office, Women and Youth Office, Target School’s Directors, School Supervisors, School WASH Club/MHM Leaders, and V/School Directors on March 22, 2023. MWA program partners (World Vision, CARE, and IRC WASH) and Splash staff also attended the workshop. A total of forty-one (41) participants attended the event. WISE will pilot a safe water supply in selected rural schools. The purpose of the pilot is to lay the groundwork for replication in other schools in the Amhara region.

The kick-off event was organized by MWA in collaboration with FH Ethiopia and Splash International. The main objective of the workshop was to introduce the WASH in Schools for Everyone (WISE) in three rural schools of Dera Woreda, Amhara Region with the following specific objectives

  1. Introduce, launch, and kick off the project and share the scope of the project for implementing partners and government sectors
  2. Discuss the need for coordination and joint efforts with implementing partners and government offices for the implementation of WISE in three rural schools, and
  3. Discuss the next steps and clarify what is expected from each stakeholder implementing partners and local government and schools.
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