White House Releases First Presidential Plan in History on Global Water Security

Washington, DC, June 1, 2022 – The Biden-Harris Administration today released its White House Action Plan on Global Water Security, the first such plan by any Administration. It is very heavy on water for human consumption, but also deals with broader water issues of resource management, environmental impact, and the multiple uses of water.

The White House event with Vice President Harris can be seen on C-SPAN HERE. Click HERE for the nine-page document (plus appendices), and see this two-page Fact Sheet from the White House. The adoption of these goals and a broad mapping of how USG agencies must account for their water-related activities and incorporate water in their comprehensive planning add up to a big step forward. It changes the nature of how we as advocates can address these agencies, including USAID, and puts us in a stronger position to push for funding and policy actions we deem necessary.

The three major pillars of the plan are presented on pages 6 – 9 of the Plan; in summary, they are:

Advancing U.S. leadership in the global effort to achieve universal and equitable access to sustainable, climate-resilient, safe, and effectively managed WASH services without increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Promoting sustainable management and protection of water resources and associated ecosystems to support economic growth, build resilience, mitigate the risk of instability or conflict, and increase cooperation. 

Ensuring that multilateral action mobilizes cooperation and promotes water security.

MWA applauds this proactive, forward-looking initiative by the Biden-Harris Administration, and will work with them, the Congress, and the US global development community to build on this plan for even more action to secure safe and reliable access to water across the world.

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