Impact of Cloud Technology for the People of Kenya's Arid Lands

See new video from IBM on impact of cloud technology in monitoring and maintaining  water services in remote areas:


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Kenya RAPID Video Shows Impact in Year 4

See the video for an update on Kenya RAPID as it nears its fifth and final year of implementation!

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MWA and Other WASH Organizations Seek Major Increase for USAID WASH

June 2021 – MWA is asking Congress to approve a $90 million increase in funding for international water, sanitation, and hygiene programs through USAID for Fiscal Year 2022. Congress is now working on appropriations – if approved, this would bring total USAID WASH funding to $540 million next year.

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The Millennium Water Alliance is a 501(c)(3) permanent and operational alliance of leading organizations and enterprises working to bring safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene to millions of people in poor communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Founded in 2002, MWA convenes opportunities and partnerships, accelerates learning and effective models, and influences the WASH space by leveraging the expertise and reach of its members and partners to scale quality, sustainable WASH services globally.



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