Current Programs

Exploring the Potential of Carbon Finance to Supply and Sustain Safe Water in Ethiopia

Are you interested in learning how carbon finance can support safe water access for vulnerable, low-income populations? Do you want ...
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Drought Resilience Impact Platform (DRIP)

NASA PUBLISHES NEW ARTICLES ABOUT DRIP February 2021 Keeping a Dry Eye on Drought in East Africa and A Steady DRIP with NASA ...
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Past Programs

Water Point Data Exchange

Increasing Water Point Data Sharing for Evidence-based Decision-making in Ethiopia: The Start of a Journey 2022 UPDATE ON THIS STORY: See ...
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The case for a Private Instance of WPdx in Ethiopia

Contributed by Selamawit Tiruneh, Mussie Tezazu, and Tamene Chaka with the Millennium Water Alliance Ethiopia, with a population ...
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Private Sector Participation in the Water and Rangeland Markets in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALS)

The private sector has a critical role in ending extreme poverty and realizing sustainable development, specifically through job ...
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Validating the Impact: A Field Visit Assessment of WPdx Rural Decision Support Tools in Ethiopia

Figure 1: Dera Woreda Validation Team using WPdx Rural Decision Support tools to identify the top three priority ...
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World Resources Institute, Global Water Center Join MWA

Washington, DC, June 21, 2023 – The Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) Board of Directors is pleased to announce ...
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[ETHIOPIA FIELD UPDATE] Monitoring Progress at Health Care Facilities

The Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) and partners recently conducted on-site assessments at health care facilities (HCFs) implementing the ...
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[ETHIOPIA FIELD UPDATE] Government and Civil Society’s Organization Partnership Consultative Forum

From May 27–28, 2023, a pivotal two-day Partnership Consultative Forum was hosted by the Bureau of Finance of ...
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